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These velvet scrunchies with the hidden zipper are a hit with all my friends with long hair. I managed to keep two from the set for myself. The seller had them beautifully packages and they arrived on time. I learned about these scrunchies with a hidden zipper through a flight attendant vlog. Kat Nesbitt was so enthusiastic about them I just had to give them a try. Great product.


Love these!!! I have thin hair and they stay on. You are able to widen them without having to worry that you will break the band. The band doesnt squeeze your head like others do. Color selection is perfect to accessorize with daily wardrobe. Already receiving compliments. So happy with puchase. I will definitely try another set.


I have long and THICK hair. I've search my entire adult life for a heatless curler that isn't tight little ringlets that are cute on little girls. THIS IS IT. When I use this my hair is curled and bouncy and soft. I LOVE THIS and have used it 2x a week since I received it cause it is so easy, no more than 10 minutes to put it in and less than 1 to take it out. it can be used on damp or dry hair and I enjoy it both ways. My search is over. love this.

Imari D.

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